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  • Open-up Parking and Toll Platform

    With the rapid development of China's national economy, the automobile consumption shows a trend of rapid growth in recent years. The contradiction between the increasing number of automobiles and parking space has become more and more sharp. It results in parking chaos in central areas and has brought a lot of inconvenience to people's life.

    Obviously, data collection and management informatization are basis and data sources of open-up parking management and are also indespensable parts of static traffic data management.

    Currently, parking ares in most cities adopt manual cash toll. Only in a few cities parking areas use parking meters as toll devices. From the existing parking management, there exist the following problems:

    1. Backward parking toll method
    2. The low degree of supervision informatization;
    3. Weak service ability

    Therefore, it is necessary to make advanced technological index and build open-up parking system in central areas in cities.

    • Toll terminal
    • Patrol terminal
    • Back-stage management platform
  • Highway Construction Site of Intelligent Video Surveillance ...

      ZTE ITS highway construction site video surveillance system integrates H.264 audio and video compression techniques, image access technologies, data communication technology, IP SAN / NAS storage, and solar-powered, and other technologies through the wired and wireless hybrid network constitute all-digital image transmission.

      The system not only solved the managers focus on construction sites and in real time, the whole process of multi-directional, uninterrupted security monitoring, and adapt to the harsh environment and the construction management form of the highway construction site. It meets the management requirements of remote monitoring of the construction of key projects and construction sites for the managers.

      The construction site video surveillance management platform is the core of the system which achieves the full functions of the system. The platform realize the remote monitoring and integrated management of the engineering vehicles on the construction site and the construction site image of the under constructed highway.


  • HD and SD Mixed Monitoring System

      Highway intelligent video surveillance system fully consider the development trend of large-scale highway network monitoring, remote access and centralized management and integration of advanced high-definition image codec technology, the industry leader in intelligent video analysis technology, multi-faceted information technology. The system takes highway intelligent monitoring and management platform as the core, optical fiber transmission as the service bearer network. The goal of the system is to improve highway management department rapid response capabilities, unified command and control capabilities and safe operation of the ability. It integrates HD & Standard clear image acquisition, image codec, network transmission, video detection, intelligent analysis, image storage, alarm linkage, environmental monitoring, transportation geographic information and other features together to achieve road traffic safety management of road smart monitoring system.

      Highway intelligent video surveillance system build a whole distance, whole network and all-weather monitoring network of the highway and achieve a seamless monitoring of real-time road traffic information collection, as well as toll stations, tunnels, the entire section of the traffic situation.

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